1/3 of the earth (land) is wasteland and that is precious sin ...
I am prood to share my opinion to the world.
Some pictures of me and my garden in Holland.


We must try to keep the earth from getting too hot (just like Venus, + 80⁰C). We can cool the earth, with more afforestation and less hardening of the soil.To burden the earth with less impact and better use of the natural forces, it is recommended to place solar collectors for hot water and solar panels for electricity. Solar energy is free! Solar panels are for sale and for rent. Although there is sufficient distraction, but we think of that ourselves! We especially have to change the wasteland into forest. This also regulates the water and cools the earth. Do not forget the power of the trees and the bio-raw material. So do not burn biomass! Pour coffee grounds at the plants! This gives a miracle and costs nothing. Be wise with fossil fuel (reduce by 80%). And be wise with grazers (reduce by 80%).

A third of the land on earth is unfortunately wasteland, we have to plant this. Then we can also keep more people alive. Together we can do this!
R.W. Smit

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